Company Introduction
Human-Sim (Pty) Ltd. was founded by Dr Edward Mathews and Dr Arnold van Dyk in 2001. Human-Sim is a biotechnology research & development company specialising in diabetes and other metabolic conditions.

Our Vision
To simulate human systems to help in drug discovery and to speed-up clinical trails. Insight gained leads to innovative health care products.
Employment Opportunities 
We are looking for dymanic and highly skilled dynamic researchers and clinical scientists to assist us in our next generation human system simulation. Please contact our human resource department to enquire about current employment opportunities, or send a short resume to the following fax number:

Tel: +27 12 809 0995 or Fax: +27 12 809 0527

What do leaders in innovation say?
Andy Grove : “Innovations with the power to transform entire industries are the Holy Grail of business strategy …. My favourite choice …. Health care industry. … drug development … using modern computational technologies.” FORTUNE, pages 59-61, August 11, 2003.

Figure 1 The human energy system