Bolus Calculators
The novel concept allowed us to derive a more accurate bolus calculation algorithm. This algorithm is much more accurate than the conventional carbohydrate counting method. ets Bolus with its large food and activity databases can be downloaded onto a PC, PDA or cellular phone. Better glycemic control is now possible for insulin dependant diabetics.

Human Energy Control Simulation
Our discovery of the concept made full dynamic simulation for the carbohydrate (CHO) energy cycle possible. A good correlation between measurements and predictions was found. The business potential is in more efficient drug discovery, less expensive clinical tests, better blood sugar control and diagnostic systems and e-commerce applications.

Low Cost Proprietary PDA Medical Device
An initial low cost biotech PDA was designed, developed and prototyped for easier weight loss and diabetic control applications inter alia using the novel concept. Preliminary clinical trials for the diabetic market were successfully completed.

Diabetic Toolbox
These products are PDA, PC and web applications currently aimed at better and easier blood sugar control for Type 1 diabetics. With the concept it is now possible to accurately predict the correct insulin requirements for any given food intake, exercise, stress etc. It is also used as a diagnostic medical device.

A first book based on the simulation and control results will be aimed at the large weight loss market. A preliminary version is currently being completed. (Figure 1)

Slide Rulers
Based on our newly discovered concept, slide ruler products for control applications in various market segments are under development and are in the process of being patented. These include a medical practitioner’s insulin regime builder for Type 1 diabetics, one for a diabetic patient to estimate the amount of short-acting insulin needed under most conditions and one for bariatric patients to keep track of their intake. Our preliminary market research showed that many older patients find the slide rules easier to use than PDAs. (Figure 2)

Human Characterization Products
Individuals differ in the way they respond to food, insulin, exercise, counter regulation, etc. Our latest discoveries show that there could be an easy way to characterise a person through system and control simulation. The impact of this discovery is tremendous. Let us use only one example to illustrate our point.

Except for differentiation between children and adults, medicine is usually dispensed in a “one size fits all” dosage. However, our initial simulations and clinical trials show that the uptake of the drug into the system can vary by a factor of four between two people!

This obviously means that some people are overdosed, with possible allergic reaction, while others are underdosed – meaning the drug is not effective! This is one of the reasons why certain drugs fail in clinical trials. (Figure 3)

There are many other applications where medical characterisation is important, e.g. dieting, endurance sport, blood sugar control, etc. These are described in detail in six of our scientific papers. (These are unpublished till after full patents are taken out.)

Figure 1

Figure 2 Slide ruler

Figure 3 Diabetic Toolbox